Experienced. Quality.

Our sod installation crews are the most experienced in the industry. We do not outsource for help like a lot of our competitors. Each employee is screened and trained before ever laying the first piece of turf grass. Each crew is supervised by one of our on-site supervisors and when finished, a quality control manager checks each project to ensure your expectations have been succeeded. Below is a brief description of what you can expect when hiring us to install your lawn.

Measurement— your assigned project supervisor will schedule an appointment to meet you at your location to discuss your available options. The supervisor will measure your yard to ensure that the proper amount of turf grass is ordered and access the type of turf grass that will be best for your soil type, shaded areas, and watering requirements.

Once your project has been scheduled, we will prepare your turf grass to be cut. You can be assured that you will always receive the freshest turf grass available. Your turf grass will be cut to order from our 972 acre sod farm located in Lake Wales. Each piece of sod is loaded onto pallets and then a forklift carefully loads it onto a delivery truck. Your sod is then covered to protect it from the wind and weather during transportation to the final destination.

Once your sod has been delivered, each piece is then hand laid and cut to fit, trimming around any flower beds, sprinkler heads, and other obstacles. Once all of your sod is installed, we use a roller to properly set the sod into its final position. Each site is cleaned, swept, and checked so that your lawn is ready for a long healthy life.

If you have any questions about installing your sod, don’t hesitate to enter your info below to contact us.

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