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About Our Farm

Oakland Plantation, situated on a bluff overlooking the Cape Fear River in Bladen County was built over 200 years ago by General Thomas Brown, a Revolutionary War patriot. It is one of a few houses of its period in North Carolina still being used today.


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Oakland depicts the architecture and skill of the artisans of that period. Bricks laid in Flemish bond were brought from England on sailing ships as ballast, transported up river, and unloaded by hand. The plantation is maintained today with the integrity and vision of itʼs historical past.


In 1970, Oakland Plantation began the turf business with 5 employees and 3 acres of Tifgreen 328. By 1972, 30 acres were cleared and planted with Tifgreen 328. The first shipment of sod left our farm on May 21, 1973.


Today the turf business continues to grow with over 1200 acres of sod and clients such as Superbowl Champions, The Baltimore Ravens and the Augusta National Golf Course.


Whether your market is golf, landscaping or athletics, Oakland Plantation Turf Farm offers a comprehensive line of BLUE TAG CERTIFIED turfgrasses!

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